Thomas Kilpper

Professor / Artist

Hi Mr. Schiller, can art unify society?

I am focusing on my artistic work and development
– departing from following questions:

“how to develop your own art-projects without being invited by an institution?”

“how to squat a house without being a squatter but an artist?”

“how to take part in exhibitions where you dislike the circumstances and the curators agenda?”

“how to develop pressure and a need for change with art?”

“a printmaker is a printmaker is a printmaker but artist?”



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Thomas Kilpper lives and works in Berlin and Bergen, he studied art at the academies in Nuremberg, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt /Städel School.

Thomas Kilpper carries out site-related art projects and interventions focusing on actual social issues. He works in empty buildings refering to the site’s history and social function. He created large-scale floor-cuttings and printing projects in Frankfurt, London, Venice, Medellín, Ljubljana and most notably in the former Ministry of State Security (“Stasi-HQ”) in East-Berlin. Kilpper has exhibited internationally, 2011 he participated in the 54th Venice Biennale and was one of the Villa Romana prize winners in Florence.

Since 2006 Kilpper is running “after the butcher”, a not for profit exhibition space for contemporary art and social issues in a former butcher-shop in Berlin. Since 2014 he is Professor of Art at the Academy of Art & Design in Bergen.

Panel 3: The Print in the Public Space
September 17, 2015
10 a.m  -  12:30 p.m