Jan Pettersson

Professor / Artist

The aim with this 4 day seminar is through invitation of a number of prominent artists, theorists, curators and museum representatives on a global basis to discuss the situation of printmaking today out from the tradition, the theoretical aspect, the historical and what is happening and can happen on the global arena in the future. With “ Printmaking in the Expanded Field “ we want to create a focused seminar with the Nordic field as the primary impact. Our Nordic Institutions of education has a common cultural platform which creates an excellent base for the further development of the media also in an international context. During the last 20 years there has been a large number of exhibitions across the Nordic boarder lines together with that teachers within the media have visited their neighbors to do workshops and exchange knowledge to groups of students and colleagues. We are of the opinion that this seminar will be able to collect and systematize our resources and at the same time continue the development within the field also in an international perspective. The way to pair up concepts like originality and repetition, singularity and multiplicity, reproducible and unique, falsified and authentic, copy and original (as Rosalind E. Krauss points out1 ) involves central aspects of contemporary culture. Modern man has in many ways an identity split between the serious depth of the past and the seductive surface of the contemporary. The printmaking medias often chameleon-like and imitating properties has the capability to precisely express, the ambivalence, the fusion and the sharing of our culture.

Jan Pettersson, head of the printmaking department at KHiO. Pettersson is an artist/printmaker working with printmaking in the expanded field as his current KU/FOU research project and other print projects within the field. His current projects deal with the field of photography especially the objectivity of photography within the print media. This has been done through in-depth research within different areas through the development of art projects. His recent research takes on the expanded field of printmaking and he has earlier published his research” Photogravure an Archaeological Research” at KHiB 2007 when he was affiliated with KHiB as Associate Professor 1995-2007. He has participated in major group exhibitions both nationally and internationally in Scandinavia, Europe, South America, US and Asia. His works are represented in art collections in Sweden, Denmark, US, France and Japan. He has been Chairman of the Norwegian Printmaking Association ( Norske Grafikere)( 2008- 2012) has written a number of publications and articles about printmaking, and has been published in various magazines, as well as being editor for Norske Grafikeres tidskrift Rapport. He initiated the concept around Trykkeriet – Center for Contemporary Printmaking, Bergen, Norway and was the chairman there (2009- 2011)

Opening of Seminar
September 15, 2015
4 p.m